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We're here to chat about the show and theorize about what will happen and why other stuff has already happened. Join us!

* Please do not post ads in our community. There are plenty of communities in and around Livejournal that are specifically for that purpose. Thanks!

* Please treat each other with the respect you'd like to receive. Debates are more than welcome, but please no flaming and/or nastiness.

* Please put all spoilers beind a cut. <*lj-cut text=spoilers episode 2x05"*> or the like (without the stars).

* Art and graphics are welcome, but please put any pictures bigger than 600x400 behind a cut.

*Icons are welcome. You may post up to four without a cut. Anything more goes behind, of course, a cut.

*Asking for credit is allowed.

* Feel free to contact mishey22 if you have any comments or questions.

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