_0z_ (_0z_) wrote in alostcommunity,

Pinball Community Seeks Halp!

Hi there! Apparently I have been working on a list of pinball tables I'd like to see become real, and one of those on the list is the show LOST. Mainly due to all the symbolism, props and settings that can be used.

Problem is though, I haven't seen a single episode yet. "Kind of" a big biggie if one sets out to create a pinball based on the show, right?

So I need help. If possible, photoshop references for a table layout, which I can then set out to be put onto the playing field. And to cover all the things that have happened during those 6 seasons, it will be one pinball table per season.

- Klappstuhl

[ Link to the thread on the VP Forums ]
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